Intro to Outlander Interpersonal

This blog is meant to be an educational journey of interpersonal communication and personal development through the lens of Outlander. We can learn to improve our own communication and relationships by examining those of our favorite Outlander characters. I am asking you, my readers, to examine the concepts of interpersonal communication, discuss the concepts, and apply those concepts to the characters and situations in Outlander, and your own life. And what a great way to survive Droughtlander! (For those of you not familiar with Droughtlander, it’s the time we have to wait for the next season of Outlander to begin showing on Starz.)

You will get more out of reading and posting on this blog if you have either read and/or watched Outlander, and are familiar with interpersonal communication concepts. This blog will begin with a thirteen part series that combines the episodes from season one of Outlander on Starz, chapters of Outlander by Diana Gabaldon, and interpersonal communication concepts. A good source for interpersonal communication is Interplay by Ronald B. Adler, Lawrence B. Rosenfeld, and Russell F. Proctor II.

So, let’s let Claire, Jamie, Frank, Dougal, Colum, Mrs. Fitz, and yes, even Laoghaire and Black Jack Randall, teach us about our own interpersonal communication. Je Suis Prest!

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