Lesson 8: The Garrison Commander & Listening

In lesson eight, we will examine the impact of listening on Interpersonal Communication. You will need to be familiar with:

  • The importance of listening
  • Challenges to listening
  • The listening process
  • Listening responses

You can learn more about these concepts in Interplay. Read through the information, be familiar with these concepts, then watch episode 106 of Outlander on Starz, or read chapter 12 of Outlander (or both!). You may even want to make notes about the concepts and how they are depicted in the episode.

Then, answer one or more of these questions in the comments below:

  1. What is the importance of listening in this episode?
  2. What challenges to listening are exhibited?
  3. Explain the listening process from one of the characters’ point of view? Who do you choose? Black Jack Randall? Claire?
  4. Explain two of the types of listening responses from the episode. How do you see these responses affect the situation?

I look forward to seeing your answers and comments on this lesson.

Thank you for participating!

Our next lesson: The Wedding & Dynamics of Interpersonal Relationships

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